Friday, October 18, 2013

Ten Apples Up On Top

This story has always been one of my favorites!
To tell the story, I took out an apple and asked the students how easy it is to balance an apple on your head? How about ten? We then read the story.

When we broke up into small groups, I first played this game with them. We talked about how the cherries kind of look like apples. It was fun, but definitely the hardest part of this was that there was a winner.

 Next was the art project. I got the coloring pages from this link here.

Next I had them stamp apples onto a large strip of construction paper. And they also colored one of three pictures available.

Once those were finished, we taped the apples up on top of the character's head.

For a snack I brought in my apple/corer/slicer. Can I tell you what a hit this was? My own kids love it too!

Each child was able to use this on their very own apple!

Then when I left I gave them all gummy worms and talked about how sometimes in bad apples you can find a little worm inside! They loved these little sweet apple eaters. :)


  1. Renee this is so cute! I may have to steal a couple of these ideas! Love you!

    1. I have TONS more I never posted... I'll get around to them someday... :) Your little guy is just the right age to enjoy these! I know mine still love when I bring the leftover supplies home and have them work on those.


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