Friday, November 1, 2013

Tickle Monster

Here is another story time I did! We had so much fun with this book!

This book comes with these fun gloves!

Aren't they adorable!?!

I decided that each of the children needed to have a tickle monster glove while I was telling the story. Here is how I made them.

 First I got the cheap stretchy gloves and cut off the fingers.

 I had some blue fur material and cut out rectangles to fit the top of the glove.

 I stuck cardboard inside the glove to keep the glue from seeping through to the other side.

 Then I hot glued the fur onto the glove.

 Cute, huh!?! Each student got one glove, and of course we had fun playing with the at home too!

 For an activity we built our own silly, tickle monsters out of play dough.

 Then for a treat we decorated cookies to look like monster eyes. I took white tub frosting and added blue food coloring. The eyeball is made by taking a flat marshmallow that you can buy at the store and cutting them with a small circular cookie cutter. Then with edible marker we made a black dot in the middle. Yum!

Here is a coloring page you could use as well:

 I got some inspiration from this blog and there are more ideas here too.


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