Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FANG-tastic Valentine Printable!

For one of my son's class this year we had a FANG-tastic idea! 
Who loves some fang teeth!?! 
They are always a hit!

 Here are 2 sets of printables... The first is the one I used, but if you don't have access to the fabulous gummy fangs I found, then you still have an option to use just the toy fangs. Just copy and paste onto you computer.
How I put mine together: 
At Halloween time I bought a bunch of fangs and also found these great gummy fangs from Target on clearance. (Don't worry they are not expired yet!:) 
Then I printed out the printables.
 I wrapped each gummy fang individually and attached it with glue dots to the valentine. 
I then placed the toy fangs where I wanted them and using a small hole punched, made 2 holes next to the fold of the fangs. 
I then tied bakers twine around the fangs and secured with some tape on the back.
'FANG' you for stopping by
have a 'FANG'tastic Valentines Day!


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