Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whoopie! A Valentine!

Here is a Valentine we are doing for my son this year! 
What boy doesn't love a whoopie cushion? 
He is no exception! 

Here are the free printables for you... I have attached 2 different ones...the first is the one I used, but I am aware that not all of you have access to mini eye ball whoopie cushions, so I have also modified it to be used with any mini whoopie cushion.) Just copy and paste it into your program of choice! ENJOY!
Here is the down-low on how I put mine together... 
First I bought these eye whoopie cushions on clearance at Target after Halloween. 
Then I printed out the printable. 
Lay the whoopie cushion where you would like it and using a small hole punch make to holes at the neck if the cushion. 
Tie some bakers twine around the neck to hold it in place. 
Wah-la! All done! Shout WHOOPIE and do a little dance! :)


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