Thursday, May 15, 2014

Teacher Appreciation- Star Wars!

This was definitely the hardest day to come up with an idea. It was Throwback Thursday. Yikes!
After a lot of thought (and let me say A LOT) I finally decided on Star Wars, because heck, it is always a winner right!?! And if I am being honest, it was by far my favorite of the gifts for the teacher appreciation week.
I got the inspiration for the labels from an Etsy store for Star Wars parties. I like how they presented their lables and such, they just weren't exactly how I wanted them for this gift. So I recreated my own!

 Here is the inside of the box with everything snuggly packaged in...
 Here is a picture of the food items. It was so fun to put together! (But a little time consuming to make up, so please use the printables if they work for you. It would make it even more worth it!)
 And here it is all packaged together and I found these cute candy light sabers at Walmart. I love finishing touches!

Enjoy the printables!
I just had them printed at the local UPS store. I cut them out and used adhesive spray to stick them on to the box and treats. Easy and cute!

And as always, may the force be with you! :)


  1. Love it! We have a space theme this year and I thought we could easily decorate our door in a Star Wars theme - thanks for the ideas and great print-outs!


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