Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 1- Boys' Camp 2014

We finished up a week of Boys' Build-It Camp last week. Unlike my Craft Camps, I was able to get a bunch of pictures because my son ran most of it. This was his way to earn some money for the camps he wanted to attend this summer. It was crazy and fun! (Also exhausting! :) But we would do it again, and probably will next summer....

Here we go with the first series of Boys' Build-It Camp!
Here is the schedule we followed each day...
Gathering activity as we wait for everyone to come
Build something that they can take home
We head outside for themed games and water play
Eat a little treat!

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The boys came in and tried their hand at shooting army men targets with rubber bands.


Next the boys built their own marshmallow shooters... They put them together and while they were outside playing games, I spray painted them with the boys' color of choice.

 This is how they turned out!
Of course I had to add a bit of vinyl! :) They each got them personalized!


They played 6 games... I got pictures of all of them except the tug of war. I was putting vinyl names on the shooters and missed that game! Darn!

1. Obstacle Course

We set up a course in our backyard. They got to run through it, trying to beat their original time.

2. Man Hunt

Army men in both green and brown were scattered in a rocky area. Two teams tried to find their army men and see who could find the most. There were about 100 of each color but the brown were twice as hard to find! It made it interesting... you could be staring at a spot where a man was, but would completely miss it!

3. Firing Range

A target was set up and the boys tried their get the bulls-eye with a Nerf gun. We had a couple who could actually hit the center!

4. Paratrooper Drop

We would help the boy up the ladder and they would try and drop a paratrooper onto a target below.

5. Tug of War

Two teams would tug at a rope with a water filled play pool in between them. The losing side would take a little dip in the pool. I am still bummed I never got a picture of this game!

6. Marshmallow War

The shooters were dry by the end of the day. So each boy got their own gun and a bag of marshmallows to have fun with! Plus they got to take them home... You are welcome parents! :) hahahaha


I helped them make these fun little treats. All you do is take a scoop of ice cream between 2 cookies. Then I had each boy roll them in sprinkles. Next was to eat it as quickly as you can because they were melting super fast!


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