Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 1- Craft Camp 2014

Craft Camp 2014 kicked off a couple of weeks ago! And can I tell you how much FUN it was to have these great young ladies filling my house!

Last year was my first go round in what I hope to make an annual summer activity.
Craft Camp July 2013

You can see my other craft camp days here:

This year due to my schedule and still having my young family at home, I decided to only host 1 week of craft camps.

I found from trial and error last year that I needed to split the ages of girls and so I increased the age of my older group while I was at it. It worked out great and definitely what I will do in the coming years.

For the younger group, I kept it similar to what last year was like, but for the older girls, I had one big craft that we would do a day. So basically they would spend the full 2 hours working on 1 craft and just because, I threw in a 5th craft in for them. Really fun and very rewarding for me to see these girls be creative and have a good time.

Day 1- Older Girls

Each girl chose the color spray paint for the frame and the wrapping paper for the backdrop. These frames were 20x16. They were a great size! And then they each got a word bubble in their choice of color and saying. I didn't get my camera out in time, but I wish I had! These boards looked so great and so many different and fun colors!

Day 1- Younger Girls

Rainbow Theme

This is the one project that both groups shared. I was originally only going to have the younger girls do it, but it was such a fun thing, that I decided to throw this one in for the older girls as well! I am so glad I did! The first day they only dyed the pillowcases. The next few days consisted of washing them out, drying them, and for some painting them. The next couple of pictures are how some of them turned out. The younger girls only dyed them, but the older girls also painted on the side "Wake up and be AWESOME!"

This activity we did last year, but I had to bring it back this year. The girls had so much fun with this! Basically, you skewer some large gumballs and then string them together. Easy and cute!

These cupcakes the girls got to make from start to finish. We mixed the batter, then tinted it the rainbow colors. Next they filled the cups and we let them bake. After they cooled we made yummy frosting from scratch and iced them. I didn't get great pics of these because the girls were eating them faster than I could snap a picture of them!


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