Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 3- Craft Camp 2014

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Day 3- Older Girls

I had the girls choose one of these sayings for their board. Then I cut them a vinyl template to use. Each girl took a board (9x18) and stained it. Then while it was staining they picked out their vinyl image. Next they had a choice to make. Either leave the board stained (as in board with the bike), white wash it (as in board with the sun) or paint it white on top (like board 3 with the phone). After that dried they transferred the vinyl onto the board and began to paint. They were fun to see! Some copied these originals, some came up with unique color combos. I love to see their creativity!

Day 3- Younger Girls

Flowers and Frills

 We got to decorate vases this day. I provided the color vases and the girls got to paint them.

 Also we learned to make flowers from coffee filters. I got the instructions from here.

These mini chalkboards were fun. They spray painted the frames in whatever color they wanted and then we glued the chalkboards on. Then each girl got to choose what ribbon they wanted to use to hang their frame by.

I originally was going to make flower cookies to stay with the theme. But some of the girls showed up early while I was pulling out my cookie cutters. They had different plans on which cutters to use. We rolled out the dough and cut them. Then we actually didn't get to frosting them until the next day. But they were adorable and worth the wait!


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