Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 4- Craft Camp 2014

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Day 4- Older Girls

The plan originally was to sew these cute aprons on the 4th day and make cake pops. But because we had the sewing machines out already on Tuesday, I had them do these then and instead we finished up the tie dye pillowcases. But because it was the original plan and it went so well with cooking, I decided to leave it on this post.

All we did was take a large dish towel (found this at Target in a package of 3) and sew over the top so it makes a tube. Then we ran the cord through it. Again another easy sewing project, but I wanted the girls to feel success and a desire to sew more, not discouragement! They turned out pretty cute!

We spent the majority of the time making these cute little cake pops! So fun!

Day 4- Younger Girls

Spa Day

Each girl got a bag with a vinyl stencil. They painted them and then added rhinestones to them.

These necklaces were simple to do. They picked a color of bottle cap and added a sticker on to it.

We made our own lip gloss. This was really fun!

I know I posted this already in day 3, but I just had to do it again. This day we actually decorated them, and I LOVE how they turned out!


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