Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 Year Top Ten!


I can't believe it has been 2 years today since I began posting on this blog!

Thank you to all who take the time to visit me and see what I have going on in my life!

I am posting the top 10 hit posts in the last 2 years... (these are not necessarily my personal favorites... maybe I will do a top ten of my favs sometime too!)
Here we go!!!

1. Carnival Birthday Party!

By far the most traffic I get are all the carnival posts! I think it is because of all the free printables available, and let's face it, everyone loves a carnival! Just click on the pic below...

2. Christmas Crafts!

I did these crafts for a fun craft day at my house. I guess everyone likes a little crafting around the holidays!

3. Wipeout Birthday Party!

This party was so fun! I also know that when I did it, there were hardly any other parties out there like it. So I am not too surprised that people visit this post!

4. Scavenger Hunt at the Beach!

I recently noticed a lot of traffic on this post, so I posted the printable as well! 
Have fun hunting!

5. Sensory Room!

This makes me happy that so many of you have visited this post. This was my son's Eagle Project. It is near and dear to my heart!

6. Eagle Court of Honor

And going right along with the eagle project is the Eagle Court of Honor! It has been great to know that others can benefit from all the work we put into this special night!

7. BANG! Game and Printables!!!!

I can always tell that school is around the corner when I have a lot of visits for school stuff! :)

8. Thanksgiving Crafts!

Along with the Christmas crafts above, we also had Thanksgiving and Halloween crafts available...

9. Teacher Survival Kit!

I love this fun gift! I also posted the printables for these as well! Enjoy!

10. Army Birthday Party!

This was one of my first posts... I can't believe how much my kids are changing!

Thanks for staying connected to me!!!
I hope the next coming years are just as fun!


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