Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 2- Boys' Camp 2014

Here we go with the first series of Boys' Build-It Camp!
This is the schedule we followed each day...
Gathering activity as we wait for everyone to come
Build something that they can take home
We head outside for themed games and water play
Eat a little treat!

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gathering activity:

When the boys came we had a toss the coins into small treasure chests game.

Build It!

There were wood boat kits. We helped them glue them together and then the boys painted them.


Then we headed outside for 6 fun-filled games!

1. Walk the Plank

 Each boy would take a turn walking across the plank in a different way. 
(such as backwards, eyes closed, turn in the middle, etc)

 2. Slip n' Slide

They took turns sliding through the shark mouth slip n' slide!

3. Tic Toc Croc

This game is played with one boy being the crocodile. His back is turned to the group but when a timer goes off, he wakes up (turns around) to try and catch the pirates. They are trying to race past him to the islands (hula hoops) on the other side for safety. We don't usually have boys get out, we just proceed to take more and more hula hoops out each turn. We start at 5 and have one by the end. It is fun to see them try and cram onto one hula hoop at the end!

4. Cannon Ball Pass

Some years ago I found these balls at Target. You stick a water balloon in them and twist the timer on the ball. When the timer goes off the balloon gets popped and someone gets wet!

5. Swab the Deck

This is a relay race. Each team has a ball that they push around with a mop. They go around the barrel and back to their team. First team done wins!


6. Treasure Hunt

This was a treasure hunt with clues that take you to the next clue until you find the treasure. The treasure chest was full of their completed ship projects.... someone had taken the loot and hidden it! :) Good thing they found them!




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