Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 3- Boys' Camp 2014

We are now on the 3rd day of Boys' Build-It Camp!
It was such a blast! I think the boys thought so too!!!

This is the schedule we followed each day...
Gathering activity as we wait for everyone to come
Build something that they can take home
We head outside for themed games and water play
Eat a little treat!
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gathering activity:

The boys played with Legos building all sorts of creations!

build it!

Of course we had to make lightsabers! These were made using pool noodles and duct tape. Then each boy got a sheet of vinyl stripes and buttons to put on the tape part.

Here is the finished product!


Next up... 6 Star Wars themed games!

1. Obstacle Course

Each boy got to run this course at least one time. After that we had some that continued to run it to get a better score.

My favorite part of this game was that they had to wear a backpack with Yoda in it. Because of course good Jedi training comes from Yoda as he rides on your back. :)

They had to step on the "stones" to get through the lava.

Next somersault on a mat. (Don't squish Yoda! :)

Walk across a beam...

Step through the hoops...

Maneuver a ball through the cones...

Under the swamp arch... ALL DONE!

2. Lightsaber Training

The boys each got a balloon and used their lightsaber to keep it up. I think one boy got over 500!

3. Dual on the Plank

They got to dual each other while being hosed down by water.

4. Jabba the Hutt... Slime Challenge!

This is a game that they either loved or hated. Most of them loved it!

I made slime and then stuck a bunch of different Star Wars figures in it. This was a relay race...

The boys had to run down and grab out a guy and then run back to tag the next person on their team.

As you can see some had not problem grabbing the slime!

5. Bomb the Death Star!

This game consisted of the boys drawing a huge Death Star with chalk.

Then they got to bomb it by taking water balloons with a launcher to try and erase it.

That's a hit!

6. Finding Darth- Scavenger Hunt

This little Darth was hidden somewhere in the backyard. The boys had to answer clues that were hidden as well to get the next clue that ultimately led them to Darth.

The clues were hidden with Star Wars stuff such as spaceships, masks, and weapons.


They got to eat a few Otter-Pops that resemble, yep you guessed it, Lightsabers!


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