Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 4- Boys' Camp 2014

Here is the last of the Boys' Build-It Camp posts! 
It was such a great week! 
(Exhausting, but wonderful! :)

Again, here is the schedule we followed:
Gathering activity as we wait for everyone to come
Build something that they can take home
We head outside for themed games and water play
Eat a little treat!

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gathering activity:

The boys came in and starting coloring in headbands. We ordered these on Oriental Trading. We just used permanent marker...

Build It!

Next the boys were given a blank Frisbee (also order from Oriental Trading) and they got to decorate them anyway they wanted. I had a vinyl star cut our for each boy and they got to place that in the center of their creation.


1. Leap Buildings

This game is played as a kind of dodge ball. A couple boys are on the outside of the trampoline throwing balls at the feet of the other boys on the tramp. The goal is to "leap" as high as you can to avoid getting hit.

2. Hulk Smash

This game was simple. We piled up a bunch of boxes and the boys had one punch from each hand to see if they could knock them all over.

 I know she is not a boy... :) But my little girl didn't seem to mind being part of everything during the week!

3. Vaporize the Villian

I had a Dunk Set I bought at Toys R Us years ago. We finally pulled it out and realized how fun it was!

Basically you throw a ball at the target.

When the target is hit, water squirts at the person in the dunk seat.

4. Shield Practice

 The boys got to try their hand at being Captain America! They used a shield to try and knockdown a tower of boxes.

5. FroZone Station

This was probably the favorite game! A few days before we froze superhero characters in large cups of water.

Then 4 boys at a time would race to see if they could be the first to free their guy from the ice with only using a squirt-er.


These popsicles were perfect! Each boy got one to munch on!


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