Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trunk or Treat- Mad Scientist Lab

So this year I teamed up with a friend to make our trunk for our church Trunk or Treat night.
We had such a blast making this trunk...

Here are some pictures!

 Here is a shot of the entire area. It spanned the length of both cars since it was two of us doing this. The kids entered in from the left and exited on the right.

This is the only picture I could find with the bio-hazard stickers. (See them in the upper left hand corner!?!) When a child entered they were told they were entering in a bio-hazard area and had now been infected. At the end they would receive the antidote. This was not only fun but served to help us know which children had already been through and received the antidote.

 After receiving a sticker they could put their hands in the buckets and touch what was inside... but only if they dared!

 These were the mystery buckets, of course full of fun slimy things that had some of the older kids coming back over and over until they figured out what was inside.

 Next the kids would walk around looking at the display. We had gotten together earlier in the week to make our specimen bottles. Those were fun as well. I found most of the labels online for free.
 At the end they received the "antidote" for all the radioactive fun they had. 
These were test tubes filled with sour powder candy.

Here are some pictures when it got dark... it looked so awesome! I can't tell you how happy I was with it!

Thanks to my friend Jenny who not only came up with this great idea, but approached me about a combined trunk. With all that I was doing for the night, I was glad to have a partner in crime!
Thanks Jenie!!!!

 Oh! I almost forgot to show you the trophy we won... Most Original!

Now, what to do next year..........


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