Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trunk or Treat!

I helped to put on a 
Trunk or Treat 
for our church party. 
We had a wonderful turn out and for being my first attempt, I think I learned a lot!
Here are some pics from the night!

I would like to preface this post by saying that this activity was held in the church parking lot. At the back of the parking lot is a large Ramada with 24 picnic style tables where we ate dinner. Also there is a grass retention area where we held the games.

So just in case you think that I put all of this up, let me set the record straight. There was another activity the night before our trunk or treat that the local Stake (area) put on for the women, and these lights were up already. The only thing that I can claim was that I saw it and begged that it be left up. The wonderful people who went through all the trouble let me trouble them again not to take it down. I can't thank them enough! It still makes me happy looking at the pictures... It made the night!

 The orange bunting I borrowed from a friend and added that to the lights.

 The white lanterns were their from the night before... I'm still smiling looking at these!

 Here it is at night! So beautiful!!! Not only that, but it kept the little ones from running through the parking lot and kept them centralized in one place.

 We started with the food and games. We had people sign-up to bring different items. We also had mac and cheese for the picky little eaters in our houses. (a-hem, I have three...) I guess I just missed the sign while taking pictures! :) Next year we may try and do hot dogs instead. Also we assigned the 2 missionaries working in our area to be the taste testers for the chili cook-off. More on that later!

 Here are some of the games... There were actually 12 of them, 
but I didn't seem to get all of those taken as well. :)

 All of the games were placed under the lights in the grassy area... 
I'm still having happy flutters looking at this! :)

 We made different awards for different activities that night and had a DJ playing music and moving the night along. He also got everyone's attention for the awards.

These were for the chili cook-off winners. The 1st place was a white chicken chili which I just happen to eat that night and I must say it was YUM!

 During the night you had a chance to sign up for (or in many cases sign someone up for) participation in the pie eating contest. It was fun to see, but next year we may have to have some type of stand because it wasn't very visual for most on ground level. And the winner was a cute, little tween age girl! I couldn't believe how she packed it down!

 These ribbons I had purchased some years back from Target. We used these for awards for children's costumes.

These were the awards for the trunks. These were made from the Dollar Tree skeleton packs.

After the awards, it was starting to get dark. We had all the children get in a line to march in a parade. All of the parents went to their cars that had trunks facing in a circle. We watched and cheered on the kids and when they finished going all the way around they were let loose to trunk or treat.

Thanks to a man in our Ward for the HUGE floodlights he provided for the night. It made all the difference in being able to see the cars and kids for the last bit of the night.

As for the trunks, I am sad to say I only got pictures of mine... :(
If you would like to see more of this trunk, click here:

Thanks to all those who helped make this night a wonderful success!


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