Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 1 Craft Camp: June 2015

I completed my 3rd Year of Craft Camps for Girls!

 Each day the girls would come into a set-up like this...

 On the board was written the projects we would be working on that day.  In the corner was the greeting card to work on.

 Off to the side was a box for each girl that had her name on it so that she had a place to store all her homemade goodies!

 On the tables were the supplies for the greeting cards.  The girls would trickle in at different times so this is what they would work on until everyone was there.

Here is the agenda for Day 1...

 The first day had a heart theme.  This was their main project- Glitter Heart Boards

First the girls picked a heart.  Instead of making a huge glitter mess all over my house :)  I cut 12x12 glitter cardstock into a heart shape and the girls could pick a color.

 Next they picked matching colors.  Then we got to work!
 We also made bird feeder hearts... the link for the directions I followed are here.

Here was a small craft we did as we waited for paint to dry... heart bookmarks.

I used the extra paper from the hearts and the hoards of valentine stickers I have collected... lol :)

Lastly we made mini doughnuts and decorated them.

Here are the supplies I used.  I used regular cake mix and added about 1/2 cup flour to the mix to make it denser.  They worked great in the doughnut baker!

Here they are... bite size!


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