Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 2 Craft Camp: June 2015

Day 2- I remember you well... :)  It was the hardest day of the week by far.  Those felt balls!  But more on that later...  The theme for the day kind of evolved from the felt ball garland and so everything kind of went with that... So that's where that weird Rainbow Party thing came from... so just run with it! :)

 Here is the list!

 A close up of the card they made for the day...

 Felt Balls
They seem so simple... but they are harder to make then you would think... My little girls had a hard time forming them and so you know what that meant... Yep! I got stuck making and fixing felt balls all night! Yikes!  I'm pretty sure I dreamed about felt balls.  The other prob was that my hands got so dry from all the soap and water.  Really made me appreciate all the women in Nepal that make these for a living!
Here is a link to instructions on how to make felt balls.  If I were you though, I would buy them made, worth every penny!

 Next up was the Celebrate Banner!  The girls cut or had pre-cut felt triangles (depending on their age) and ironed on the lettering with iron on vinyl.  Next they strung the triangles onto baker's twine.

 Lastly was the mini cakes.  I pre-baked these and put them in the freezer to harden.  The girls had a bunch of frosting and sprinkles to decorate to their heart's content.  Some hearts require more sprinkles than others... Some require an obscene amount of sprinkles... an intervention may be in order. :)  The girls had a blast being little cake decorators.

 This is the pan I borrowed from my sister for the cakes.  I think it is from William Sonoma.

They were adorable and delicious!


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