Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 3 Craft Camp: June 2015

 Day 3 had a flower theme to it... not everything was flower related, but flowers definitely had an influence.
Flower Power!

 The agenda for the day!
We had to take some time to finish up those felt balls :)  They needed time to dry over night.  So the next day we strung them together.

 This it the card for the day... it is a dandelion.

 This was the main project.  Magnet boards.  I bought the 12x12 magnet boards in an array of colors.  The girls got to choose which one they wanted.

 They grabbed a wood block that my husband prepared with a slit to stick the board into. (Thank you hubby!)  They picked a color and began painting.

 When the paint was dry they could choose whether or not they would like to mod podge a strip of scrapbook paper onto the front.  Most chose not to, but I kind of liked it... :)

 Lastly they took their name I had cut out in vinyl and placed it on the metal.  My daughter stuck her's in the middle, not exactly where I would have put it, but it was her project!  I've learned how important it is to let them do it the way they want. :)

 Each girl got to make magnet clips to use with the magnet boards.

 I had a box of washi tape for them to dig through.  I would show you the box, but then you may judge me on my excess collection of tape. :)

 Perler Bead Jewelry
This was sooo fun for me!  I love when I get to learn a new craft and this was one of those projects!

 I set out supplies for the girls and explained how to make these.  They are a little tedious and I more than once heard a girl or two complain how hard it was to get the beads into place.  But still, so fun!

 Here is where I found the directions on how to make this cute jewelry!  So I used the same idea but instead of pony beads I used the Perler Beads.  They turned out great!

 Here was the cute food craft... cotton candy pops!

The girls LOVED being about to make their own cotton candy on a really big machine!  We may or may not have had 5 or 6 turns each with this machine!  So fun... every family needs one of these in their house! lol... :)


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