Saturday, October 24, 2015

DIY- Candy Corn Garland

 This is a craft that I had at my house a couple years ago for a craft day.  I am a tad bit embarrassed to say that I have FINALLY gotten to doing mine.  Especially when I realized how easy it was to finish!

Step 1: 
Cut bead board into triangles.  We did this with a scroll saw.  The edges aren't perfect but it really doesn't show on the finished product. :) Also you are going to want to drill the holes before painting.

Step 2:
Paint the triangles to look like candy corn.  I started with yellow and then orange.  
I had to do a couple coats of each color.

Step 3:
This is optional.  After the paint is dry, I gave the edge a distressed look using a distress ink pad and rag.
This is just personal preference.
 This picture didn't turn out great, but here kind of shows one on the left just with paint and the one on the right is distressed on it's right side only.  
Again, a personal preference.

Step 4:
Thread jute string through the holes.

All done and ready to hang!


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