Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trunk or Treat- Pirate Theme

I know this is a week late...  But I wanted to share what my friend Jenie and I did again this year for our church Trunk or Treat.  I posted last year's here if you are interested.  
The best thing about this year is that I wasn't in charge of the whole night and making sure it all came together.  The ladies that were did an awesome job and  I know what an undertaking it is to make happen! :)

NOW.... on to the trunk!
First the kiddos came to this sign. And since most were not pirates, they indeed had to walk a plank. (But we did not discriminate, those who were pirates were allowed to walk as well...:)

Here is the plank with circling shark fins hungry for a bite!  We kept the plank flat on the ground due to small buccaneers crossing and costumes that could cause balance problems.  Glad we did because we had an onslaught of kiddos and I felt that it was safe.  
(On a side note, the minute I put this down while setting up until I stuck it back in the truck, there was always someone playing on it.  It was a hit!  I even had one mom comment that she knew what she was getting her kids for Christmas because it had entertained them so well! lol :)

After they walked the plank, they were to follow the dotted map lines on the ground that led to the treasure.  I didn't get a good picture of the lines, but you can make them out a little in this pic.  We used duct tape and made the line a little curvy like you would see on a map.

At the end was a big 'X' (red duct tape) and the treasure.  We got Pirate Booty and went through all 150 bags.  We made sure that everyone got just one.  There were a ton of kids there that night!

Here are some other fun pics!  Some were taken right after set up when there was still some light.  Others were taken at night... Fun either way!

And here is me and Jenie!  
Thanks again for helping make this years trunk awesome!!!
(PS... We threw together our costumes after visiting Goodwill.  What really made the costumes work was adding lace to some long sleeve shirts we bought.  Easy to do and very effective.)

Oh!  And we came home with another award this year... 
"Coolest Trunk!"  
BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the awards this year.  I wish I had thought of it the year before, because they are so cool and easy!  They bought dollar store license plate frames, printed on orange paper the award, and glued them together.  Awesome and easy!!!

I had to share another award we took home that night!  My son wanted to be a zombie soooo bad.  I am not a gruesome girl at all.  But that is all he wanted.  Luckily my amazing sister visited and did him up super scary.  So scary in fact that he took home the "Scariest Costume" award.  
Way to go!


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