Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rainbow Art Party!!!

Can I just say that I am a more than a little bit excited to share this post with all of you!  
This was one party that surpassed my vision... Let's get started!

When the guests first arrived they were greeted with this sign...
  Many of the ideas for the party I found on Pinterest. 
This easel was one of them.  You can find the original idea here.

The guests dropped off the gifts or cards at this little table and then joined the fun! There were 3 stations set up that the girls could float around and do at their leisure.

  Station 1: Paint and Create
The girls painted canvases with vinyl hearts on the front.  
This idea I also saw on Pinterest on multiple occasions.

After putting on an apron, the guest would go to the paint counter 
and fill up their plate with a rainbow of colors.

Each place setting had an easel, canvas, paint brushes, water cup, and a plate for paint.

Then the creativity flowed onto the canvas!

These artists were soooo cute!

 After the girls were done, their art was hung up to dry 
and the place setting cleaned up for the next budding artist to begin.

Once dry, the vinyl was peeled off to reveal their masterpieces!

Station 2: Sketch Book & Things
This station consisted of 3 items.  First was to decorate a blank sketch book with washi tape and stickers.  Then the guests put their vinyled names on a bookmark.  Lastly they got to pick out a rainbow pencil.

Here is picture of a crafting pile I was able to snap in the misted of the craziness! :)

Some of the guests beautifying their sketch books.

One happy birthday girl.

Station 3: Rainbow Pops
 I didn't get a lot of pictures of this station.  You can see the set up on the table.  Each guest got a plastic pop that was placed in a glass jar.  The girl would take the lid off, squirt a little frosting at the bottom, follow it with a piece of pre-baked and pre-cut cake round.  Then continue the pattern of frosting and cake until they reach the top.  Stick the lid back on and wah-la, all done!

 Here is a close up of a finished pop. I got the idea from here.

 As the girls completed projects and collected goodies, they could place them in the baggies labeled with their names on them.

Other fun extras included rainbow bubble wands from Walmart's season summer section.

 Rainbow chalk, also from Walmart in their summer section.

There was even a little time for some duck, duck, goose on the trampoline.

 Opening gifts is always fun!  
The birthday girl got to sit in a especially fun chair where all the other girls could see her.

 Then it was time for CAKE!!!!
I will blog about the food and especially about the cake in another post... :) 

It was one of the BEST birthday parties we have ever had!!!

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