Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rainbow Cake

Can I be a little proud for a minute??? :)  
So this was my first time ever creating a rainbow cake.  To be honest I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out, but as you see... it came through with a flying colors!!!! (rainbow colors that is... :)

I want to talk a little bit about the exterior first.  
I bought the toppers at Michael's craft store on clearance.  I thought they would be perfect for the kind of polka dot look I was going for.  The number candle and polka dot candles were from Walmart.

The  outside is large candy dots.  
I found them at Hobby Lobby at the checkout line.  
I bought them hoping they would complete the look... and well, they sure did!

The frosting I used for the outside and the layers on the inside is from this blog post.  She did a fantastic job in explaining how to level the cake, how to put on a crumb coating, and then how to try and get it smooth at the end.  Also she claimed this frosting could withstand heat when left out for a couple hours, and she was absolutely right.  I was very happy with the result! 
p.s. I also used this same frosting for the rainbow push up pops found in this post.

Here is what I did for the inside.  
I bought prepackaged cake mix in rainbow colors.  They are made by Pillsbury and are a $1/bag at the grocery store.  Each bag makes one 8 inch cake round.  I baked the cakes in the pans. I did alter the package recipe a little to make the cake taste more homemade.  The adjustments just help make the cake more flavorful and moist. Basically instead of oil use melted butter and in place of water use milk.  I also used whole eggs instead of egg whites.  When you leave the yolk in it helps the cake be more sturdy and hold together better. (FYI- Altering the cake recipe is completely optional :)
Then let them cool completely.  Cut the tops off so they lay flat and then begin to frost them together.

It was a much taller cake then I was anticipating, so we cut very thin slices for everyone to eat.

And the birthday girl was VERY happy!
Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!!! 

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