Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Craft Camp Day 3- Sewing Day!

Every year I make sure to have a sewing day during craft camp! :)  It is always a simple project mostly to just get the girls excited and interested in the art of sewing.


 This is the card for the day... The kit we will be making tomorrow!

This little pennant banner was the sewing project.  I had everything pre-cut.  The girls just had to pin and sew.  They really turned out cute!

 While I was working one on one with each girls as they sew, I had this clipboard project all the other girls to work on.  They just used sharpies and it was something they could do on their own without needing my help.  That way I could focus my attention on sewing.  They are so amazingly beautiful, not one alike!  The one above was done by my young daughter.  The one below is one that I started... and hopefully I'll finish... someday! :)

 Here is the treat we made.  We baked cupcakes and then frosted/decorated them to look so incredibly adorable! 


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