Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat

We had a church Trunk or Treat this weekend. My husband was in charge of most of the games which meant that WE were in charge of most of the games. :) I thought I would share with you what we did. I first need to say a special thank you to my friend Emma for helping me get these games together. Thanks!!!!

I am sorry that the pictures are not better, but it was very, very dark outside!

First everyone ate a pot luck dinner of chili and soup.
 Then the games started.
Ghost Buster- football throw through the hoop.

Alley Cat Scat

Take plastic water bottles and throw them at the cat. Try to knock it over.

Witch Pitch

Ring the hats. (under the hats are orange cones so that they will hold up.)

Skeleton Drop

This is a drop the clothes pin in the jar game. I just glued some plastic skeletons from the dollar store on to the clothes pins. Then the child stepped up on the stool and tried to drop them in the vase.

Eye Spy

The child picks up an eye to see if there is a star drawn on the bottom. (3 out of the 12 had stars)

Ping Pong Toss

Each jar has a prize at the bottom. (Some have more than others.) The child tosses the ping pong ball and tries to get in one of the jars. They get the treats inside the jar.

Spider Splat

The child throws bean bags at the hanging spiders and tries to hit them.

Fishing Booth

We used a cardboard puppet show and draped the blue material over it. Then the kids would go fishing.


Here is the large catapult that my friend Emma had built for a Cub Scout activity.

They get to aim for the pumpkins and launch small plastic balls.

Here is our trunk or treat car. We went with the race car theme because we had these things left over from a birthday party.

The trick or treaters got to choose either a glow stick or candy. The glow sticks are always a big hit!

This is my honey and me- dressing the part!


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